Interesting Links for April 2014


For this week I think I've got some especially interesting discoveries.

  • First of all, Paul Fenwick has given yet another great talk, this time about Perl. The thing I as Perl beginner got most exited about was Perlcritic.

  • Contributing to FOSS is not always simple, but the Linux kernel team seems to have a rather nice scheme to deal with it. Kudos to them!

  • Arstechnica is slowly becomming my favourite site for technical news. Here's their coverage for elliptic curves cryptocraphy

  • If you didn't know this already, you do now. Programming sucks.

  • A new version (4.2.1) of screen was released. I personally haven't felt too bad about it not being updated in ages, since if it ain't broken why fix it? Most of the celebrated tmux additions are pretty useless anyway... But it's nice to know that the project is alive at least!

  • Nice list of... links to CS, software and everything.