Interesting Links for April 2015

  • Trey Harris tells a story of not being able to send email further than 500 miles.

  • Mozilla pushes towards deprecation of non-secure HTTP.

  • GNU Hurd 0.6 was released. While I have not followed Hurd developement nor is the realease particularly interesting to me, among the release article's comments "jzbiciak" wrote a good bit on processor "bitness".

  • Sebastian Sylvan concludes that the reason why most high level languages are slow is because they encourage too many memory allocations.

  • John Graham-Cumming tipped of a line that is a good addition to any Makefile: "print-%: ; @echo $*=$($*)"

  • Michael Fogleman shares his knowledge of the NES system.

  • nanomsg might be a good alternative for your message queue needs!