Interesting Links for August 2014


Link collection for August:

  • In the beginning of August, the most downloaded app in App Store, Facebook Messenger, simultaneously had a one-star rating. It doesn't do much better at time I am writing this either. Besides being funny, this also highlight the issue force-fed applications on phones. It annoys me to no end I can't delete totally unnecessary applications from my Android phone. Why am I forced to keep HP-printer assistant installed when I don't even own a printer?
  • Google started to put a positive weight on sites using HTTPS. I kind of like the idea, I just wish the whole certificate scheme didn't suck so hard.
  • Stanislav Nedelchev writes about how debugging should get more attention in programming/cs education. True enough, thinking back on the programming courses I have taken in the university debugging hasn't basically been taught at all. I haven't thought about this before, but given that programmers spent most of the time maintaining code the essential skill of debugging is completely ignored.
  • Speaking of debugging, some serious effort went into this issue found in Stack Overflow about loop variable types and performance. The issue is weird, the gexicide's question and Mystical's answer are very well put together, all of which make it a great read.
  • Matthew Green rants about how PGP needs to die and get replaced. While his post is basically the same old arguments put together it hilights the problem nicely; also the side of it that no one doesn't seem to know how to do it any better, either.
  • "Open is not a business model, it is a production model".
  • David Lyness has some data on how you should obfuscate your email address in web.