Interesting Links for January 2014


This post will start a monthly serie of posts where I will hilight some topics I came across during the last month, even though the news or articles themselves might be older. I have copied the idea from Allan McRae who has done it for quite a while now.

So let's get going:

  • Weston 1.4 was released. Now if we only had a working compositor...
  • Clang got a new release as well, 3.4. See what's new.
  • Eric S. Raymond writes about the lost art of C structure packing.
  • Linux Weekly News had a serie of articles on the btrfs features. See the end of the article for the other parts, good stuff.
  • As someone new to Haskell I benefitted from this article about command line argument handling in Haskell.
  • A quick reference for awk from O'Reilly "UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition" by Arnold Robbins came in handy, too.