Interesting Links for January 2015

  • Linus' Q&A sessions from Linux conferences are always a nice overview on what's going on in the kernel development; in January one was held in Australia, and as usual tech news sites got their rowdy headlines from Linus' comments again.

  • Having never really used Apple's operating systems, the discussion and links in Junio C Hamano's G+ post about HFS+ filesystem were interesting to browse through. The discussion links to John Siracusa's old article in Ars Technica, and in response to Илья Панфёров's question about what is so bad with case-insensitiveness he was ponited to a related article from Spotify Labs.

  • This theme might have something to do with the beginning of a new year: I came across a few articles about people in software development thinking back on their careers and pointing out what they wished they knew when they were just starting out. Here's Michael O. Church's list and Matthew Gertner's response to it. And then there was Eric Niebler's slightly older post that was linked to me, too.

  • Main is usually a function.

  • Matt Blodgett wonders where people actually work in the offices big companies release pictures of. StackOverflow in turn believes in private offices.

  • In-kernel memory allocations can be "too small to fail".