Interesting Links for July 2015

  • Stories of tracking down tricky bugs makes a good read, and here's one from Jani Patokallio.

  • Same author previously wrote about SMS and how it might have set the mobile interenet in the western world back by several years.

  • Here's Liz Bennett on regex performance.

  • The whole FFmpeg/libav rivalry is a PITA for sysadmins. They can't usually be installed on a system at the same time, they are mostly compatible but not entirely, and certain multimedia applications only work on with the one or the other.

    Now Debian is swithing back to FFmpeg, and it seems not many distributions are still with libav. The debate is more about the health and bug response times of the upstream than technical details, and libav is perceived to be falling behind. On the other hand, as reported on the lwn's article about the Debian's change of direction Debian libav maintainer Reinhard Tartler expressed his concerns over FFmpeg lead Michael Niedermayer doing a major part of the FFmpeg work and constituting a major bus-factor. Funnily enough, three weeks after Debian's announcement Niedermayer resigned from his position as FFmpeg lead.

    All in all, I'm interested to see how this all pans out, and whether FFmpeg and libav could be merged back together again. From a sysadmin side I for one could do without the extra headache the fork has caused...