Interesting Links for March 2014


Time for the monthly link roundup again. These seem to be the only blog posts I've done recently...

  • The guys who left from Linux Format magazine to create their own one, Linux Voice, are doing a podcast again. They have actually been doing it since November, but I didn't find it untill now... The one they did while working for Linux Format, TuxRadar is still kind of alive. The new cast made an episode in February.

  • Bruce Schneier's article on aging routers. Investing in a proper router/firewall machine sounds like a good idea...

  • A good writeup on how bitcoin protocol works.

  • I also came across two generic linked list implementations in C: one in the linux kernel and BSD's queue.h (/sys/queue.h, man 3 queue). Both interesting reads.

  • Setting up splitdebug feature on Gentoo to enable debugging with Valgrind.