New project source: todo


From the beginning of this year I started looking more and more on Rust programming language. For a C user the concurrency and memory access guarantees seemed so tempting that I knew I had to learn it and use it for my next project. That project came to be "todo".

Todo is a terminal application that keeps track of your things to do. It's feature list for the time being is really modest, but I have been using it for a good while now to arrange my things to do. It can edit or delete a todo file that has already been composed, and I have had it send me a list of tasks daily reminding of tihngs that are due today, as well as having it send me a list on Sundays upcoming deadlines and anniversaries for the upcoming week.

The documentation is lacking, mostly because the project is still at is early stages. For example, I haven't 100 % set on the file format yet; everyting is still subject to change. Anyway, the source and the README can be found here.