Setting up TShock Terraria server on Gentoo


Steam holiday sale is now over. I managed to get away with only three new titles on my account, one of which was Terraria. I got exited about it, and looked into how I could set up my own multi-player server in Linux. The game itself offers the option to host a world for other players, but the client is only for Windows and I wanted to have the host up all the time, not just when I happen to boot into Windows.

Anyway, from what I gather most of the problems people have had with getting the server software to work have been related to outdated version of mono. In addition, the TShock installation guide doesn't cover installation on Linux other than mentioning it is possible.

TShock requires version 2.8+ of mono. For my Gentoo installation that wasn't a problem, I'm following amd64/10.0/server. If you don’t mind pulling a bunch of x11 libraries, you can just go ahead and

emerge dev-lang/mono

If you're like me and don’t have X installed, give “minimal” use flag for mono and then emerge it:

echo "dev-lang/mono minimal" >> /etc/portage/package.use emerge dev-lang/mono

Then head to TShock download page and get the latest and gratest. Unzip the package and run it with

mono TerrariaServer.exe

The server should launch, ask you some questions about the port to be listened to for incoming connections and world generation. Refer for more info on the TShock web page.