Site do-over


It's been a while since the last post, but a lot has been changing in the background. For a good while now I've been thinking about getting a better platform for my blog than Wordpress. Wordpress - while being an easy solution - is slow and under constant threath of getting hacked if not kept fully updated.

My contract with the old hosting provider was coming to an end, so I quit the plan and changed hosts. It also felt like a perfect opportunity to change the blog platform. As I felt the need for something "simpler" I wanted to go with an engine that generated static html files. I had three serious options: jekyll, pelican or roll an engine myself.

Jekyll seems to be a solid choice, as does Pelican. Rolling my own blog engine sounds like a great project, but it would take time. I'm not too exited about implementing the needed parsers... Between Jekyll and Pelican the scale was tipped in Pelicans favour because of the implementation language: Jekyll is written Ruby, and Pelican in Python, of which only latter I'm familiar with. In practice I don't think it's going to make much difference, but just in case I ever need to touch the source I wanted to go with Pelican.

The site is widely under construction still. The general layout needs work, and the pages are not all ready yet. The RSS is feed is missing as are the blog post comments but I'm working on bringing them back. The old blog post links broke in the process, too, but that I'm not going to do anything about. If I would have thought of it earlier I guess I could have arranged a 301 forward to the new location, but it's too late now. I'm sorry if the Google still serves results for the old post locations, I'm trying to set the archaive feature up as soon as possible so it will be possible to find the old posts at least somehow.

So a lot has changed, and a lot will change in the near future. When I'm done the site will be better than ever! ;)